Heritage Church provides an optional nursery for children from birth through 3 years of age during all regular worship services. Children age 4 and older are encouraged to attend services with their parents.

Each nursery is staffed by at least two adults members of Heritage Church. A board is provided in each nursery where you can provide specific instructions for your child. Below are a few helpful guidelines for parents who plan to use the nursery.

Guidelines for Parents

  • Please sign your child in on the weekly log every time you leave your child in the nursery.
  • Wait until at least two adult nursery workers are present before you leave your child.
  • Please complete an information card for your child.  This can remain from week to week and can be updated at your discretion.
  • A snack is given to the toddlers during the worship service. Please let the nursery workers know if your child has any food allergies or other diet restrictions.
  • Please leave any special instructions for your child on the information board.
  • Please clearly label your child’s belongings:  diaper bag, bottle, sippy cup.
  • For infants, please provide diapers, bottles, drinks and snacks as needed for your child.
  • A separate nursing  area is available for use in the infant nursery.